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As independent opticians you can be assured that we have your best interests at heart, especially when it comes to lenses, which is why we choose Nikon as our preferred lens supplier. Nikon is known for quality and innovation and as authorised Nikon lens consultants we have extensive knowledge of their products.

“As a privately owned business we take personal pride in the products we provide. It’s not just selling high quality spectacles and lenses but in looking at the overall eye care needs of our clients”

Nikon Lens Specialist


Nikon are world class manufacturers of spectacle lenses and strive to design lenses that offer the best vision to all. The best spectacle lenses are different depending on your needs and budget. All our Nikon lenses come with their superb multicoat, SEECOAT+ which is guaranteed for 18 months even against scratching.

Onsite Laboratory


For your benefit, we have our own onsite laboratory where we can cut your lenses to shape and hand assemble your spectacles. As a Nikon lens specialist we are also able to trace your new frame and have the lenses custom made and cut to fit in Nikon’s own laboratory in Milton Keynes.

High Tech Measuring


Many of the latest varifocals can be tailored during manufacture to take into account the style of frame and how it fits your face, which in turn can improve your vision, comfort and adaption of your new varifocals, In order to take the extra measurements needed we use an ipad specially adapted by Nikon to capture the parameters needed.

Single Vision


As the name implies , single vision lenses are for a single purpose, usually for long distance or close work but can be tailored for any specific purpose. Modern technology can produce thinner, flatter and more lightweight lenses, even for stronger prescriptions; coupled with the latest manufacturing techniques and coatings they can give you the best clarity of vision possible.

Bifocal Lenses


Although now regarded by some as old technology, these lenses still have a role to play in the spectacles we supply. Bifocals give clear vision for both near and far and although varifocals are our 1st choice for helping you to see at all distances, bifocals can just give that extra field of view when needed.

Varifocal Lenses


Varifocal lenses give you a smooth transition of vision from distance to close with no ‘tell tale’ dividing line showing. Modern varifocals are a far cry from the lenses produced even 10 years ago and can be tailored to take into account the frame fit, your facial features and lifestyle habits.

Office Lenses


‘Office’ lenses come in a couple of ‘flavours’ ranging from a middle distance to close distance variable focus lens to one which will enable you to see a colleague across the room; However they are unsuitable for driving due to their shorter focal range and limited field of view in the distance.

Occupational Lenses


Work (occupational) lenses are specifically tailored to the job in hand, whether you are an electrician, a plumber or even an aircraft pilot there is a lens just for you. If you work in a hazardous environment we can even supply you with proper safety protective eyewear.

     Sun Protection


Whilst offering full UV protection, sun lenses can also reduce the brightness, sun’s intensity, glare and enhance contrast. Offering more than excellent vision, sunglasses are a fashion item in their own right, making a personal statement of who you are.

      Sports Eyewear


Whether you need corrective swimming goggles or to be able to see when diving, there is an eyewear solution for your favourite activities. We can provide you with specialist golf glasses with contrast enhancing filters to bespoke eyepieces for either shooting or archery.