Welcome to our website. Here you can find out all about our practice, the service and the products we have to solve your visual needs. We also have information regarding eye care, eyes and technical information if you are interested. Please feel free to visit us, where we have a good range of sunglasses, sports eyewear, magnifiers and ancillary items. For a comprehensive, professional service call in to see us and discuss your visual requirements.

Eye Care

Our experienced optometrists will examine your eyes to determine how well you can see. Your full examination will ascertain the health of your eyes, checking the health and function of their structure, ensuring everything is as it should be.

Contact Lenses

Many people enjoy the freedom that wearing contact lenses can offer. Whether you want to wear lenses for most of the time, occasionally or for leisure or sport, you’ll find that the latest designs are comfortable, easy to use and care for and more importantly – affordable


If you have ever damaged your glasses, you will know what an inconvenience this can be. At Paul Lewis Optician we understand these situations and wherever possible will try to repair your spectacles in our onsite laboratory, right here in Northampton

Is your eye test due soon?

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Are you looking for an Independent Specialist Optician who takes an interest in you and your needs?
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At Paul Lewis The Northampton Opticians, we’ve spent over 25 years offering a uniquely personal service – giving the very best eye care and the very best advice all at affordable prices.

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