The secret to getting the right glasses is choosing a frame to suit both your face shape and colouring; one that is complimentary rather than overwhelming and is daring without making you feel self conscious.


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At Paul Lewis Opticians we hold a diverse range of frames from our budget range to superb styles from our designer brands. Each and every frame is chosen by us taking into account the quality, style, colour and value for money. We are constantly looking at the latest designs and change our stock on a regular basis, so there is always something new to look at.

With nearly 500 frames in stock, this is just a suggestion of what is available.

As we sell most of our frames from stock there is a constant change in what we hold and from which you can choose.

There is a vast range of spectacles available from the minimalist rimless to the loud and totally shocking styles. Finding the right frame to suit your face can be rather daunting and that’s where we can help. We have chosen styles that we believe are right for our clients, we then take the time to help you find the right style, not just leaving you in front of the frame racks not knowing where to begin. We also take into account your prescription and lens type when creating your spectacles ensuring you not only look good but they also feel good and the quality of vision is the best it can be.

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Some of the collections we stock

Paul & Joe frames, launched in 2009,have won outstanding success in France and the world and continues to expand by cultivating freshness, joie de vivre, spontaneity and a cosmopolitan spirit. Discover for yourself the range of sophisticated frames passionately designed to enhance and compliment your face.

French eyewear brand OKO offer styles that are just that little bit different; bold, exciting and daring. If you want to stand apart from the crowd, this is the collection for you.

Since 1880, Morel frames have dressed the eyes of men and women across the world. Their collections have been designed to satisfy all styles, from the exclusive Lightec range with their screwless hinges to their elegant first creations in the Marius Morel 1880 range.

Founded by William Morris in 1996, this is a great British eyewear collection. Designed in London, William Morris glasses are both fun, quirky and designed for the young at heart. This collection offers exciting and courageous styles, with something for everybody.

Dutz eyewear is a very distinctive brand from Holland and is one of our best selling collections. All Dutz frames are hypoallegenic and coated with Swiss lacquer – the same used for Apple. Designed mainly for the discerning ‘Baby Boomers’, there are still a few quirkier styles to be fun to wear.

The Valmax titanium collection as the name suggests, are high quality titanium frames at an affordable price. Valmax provides thousands of progressive lens wearers with classically designed eyewear at the best possible value. Durable, extremely lightweight and Nickel free, Valmax are modest value for money frames.

Looking for something different but still with graceful lines and feminine characteristics then you should definitely add the Elizabeth Arden range to your shortlist of possibilities. The range is varied, with all styles managing to maintain a classic look that attracts women from all walks of life.